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Lost and Found

Please fill out the below form regarding forgotten or lost items at Hotel Imperial.

Please describe the items as precisely as possible and note where the items were forgotten. (For example: if forgotten in your hotel room, please note the room number.) Please remember to note the date the item was forgotten.

You will be contacted to confirm if the items are found and to arrange how and if the items should be returned.

Hotel Imperial reserve the right to only store lost and forgotten items for a period of 3 mounths. After the 3 mounths period, items will be sent to the Lost and Found Office in Vanløse, Copenhagen. After 3 mounths, Hotel Imperial can no longer assist in recovering lost or forgotten items.

Hotel Imperial takes no responsibility for forgotten or lost items and cannot guarantee that items are found.

Postage is always paid by the receiver of the items.Hotel Imperial takes no responsibility for items that are lost or damaged during postage.